The Rise & Fall of Social Networking

Social networking is dead, but yet it carries on, blissfully unaware. Save for Facebook and all of the last-gen users still languishing on MySpace, the online social networking space remains fractured and inept. Forget Digg, Pownce, Reddit, Twitter, Jaiku, and, to name some of the more popular incarnations of the Web 2.0 revolution. Only the most uninspiring geek or shameless self-promoter has the time to maintain such “social connections,” with the virtual activities of these banal souls reading like a travelogue for the damned.

I myself have dabbled with a number of social networking sites. Most telling for me was the two weeks I spent as an active member of Digg, a site I can no longer visit due to its intoxicating amount of stupidity and bigotry. As for Twitter, all I can say is that micro-blogging is not for me, nor for my friends, all of whom I doubt have any interest whatsoever in what I’m eating or which hand I masturbate with.

I do confess to checking in on my Facebook account every once in a while, but this is only for posterity and by no means represents a true desire to be social. In fact, were it not for my insatiable desire to see what my grow-a-gift will evolve into, I would hardly sign in at all.

All of this said, I am just as much a Web 2.0 hypocrite as the next pedantic blogger. Truth be told, I do next to nothing while I’m at work and social networking is an ideal way to pass the time. Consider this my way of while letting the virtual world know just how intolerable my real world existence has become between the hours of nine to five.


~ by Sean Best on January 15, 2008.

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