Brad Sucks

Finding new music that is worth listening to has been getting increasingly difficult. After a brief indy-fueled explosion last year, times got tough, and I found myself stuck in a rotation heavily comprised of The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, and TV on the Radio. By the time the new year rolled around, things were getting rather bleak and, out of desperation, I found myself listening to old Ricky Gervais podcasts during my lonely commutes to work.

But even in the desert, it sometimes rains. In my never-ending quest for all that is cool and not soiled by the dirty hands of emo clowns, I recently stumbled upon the one-man band that is Brad Sucks. And while I generally don’t make a habit of loudly expressing my musical tastes, in this case I am happy to make an exception.

brad turcotteThe man behind Brad Sucks is Brad Turcotte, an Ottawa-based musician and open-source web developer. Turcotte was among the first to embrace the new distribution models offered by the internet by offering his music to the public as either free or low-cost downloads. Not only that, Turcotte also gives away the source material for his songs so that fellow musicians can remix his work. And while Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have taken similar approaches with their music, it is worth mentioning that Turcotte started doing this back in 2002.

So Brad Sucks is obviously doing some interesting things when it comes to the production and distribution of music, and yes, as far as artists go he’s more than a little bit ahead of the digital curve. Yet what makes Brad Sucks so noteworthy is the simple fact that unlike most indy bands, the music sounds incredible from the very moment that it lands upon your virgin ears (as opposed to having to repeatedly struggle through it for three weeks before you finally “get it”).

brad sucks album coverTo date, Brad Sucks has released the ironically titled album, “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” (2003). The album features an eclectic mix of songs that reveal a vast array of musical influences, although I refuse to even attempt to describe just who or what Brad Sucks sounds like since this is something of a fools game. If I told you that you could probably pass the album off as a new release from Beck, would you be impressed?

Do yourself a favour and check out Brad Sucks for yourself. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, unless of course you prefer your music to be overpriced and sound like shit (see Gene Simmons). For a sample, click PLAY below:


~ by Sean Best on February 4, 2008.

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