Who Am I?

The short answer is Sean Best. The extended mythology is as follows.

I used to be known for my raging libido, but now it is my sly sense of humour that has people abuzz. The items that I choose to post here are evidence of my occasional intellect, while my cynicism has only been enhanced by an overpriced education.

I currently live in Toronto and one of these days I may get around to finishing up my Masters degree in Political Science. I am happily married to a primary school teacher who takes an odd pleasure in treating me like the child I am.

I don’t object to being stalked on Twitter, and every once in a while I venture deep into the outer reaches of the interweb to bring back interesting scraps for my tumblr. My inbox is always open for an email or two and, if you’re bored enough, you check out the nonsense that goes through my Google Reader.

sexy sexier still got it...
The common evolution of an uncommon man.


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